Counselling excites me because…By Jo Sainsbury

Counselling excites me because of the power and changes it can cause. It's delving into the unknown, into the shadows, shining a light on the unconscious and making sense of our world and relationships, bringing to light how we were shaped, the power of our...

Top 5 Tips to Reduce Stress and Increase Ease

Stress & Anxiety When we suffer anxiety or worried thoughts we are either thinking about something upsetting from the past  or projecting forward to something we don't want to happen in the future. Our brains, as amazingly powerful as they are....and they really...

resources for trauma: sensations

resources for trauma: sensations   Physical Sensations Associated with Emotions: It can be supportive to understand that physical sensations are associated with the emotions we may be experiencing, as with trauma we may lose our sense of feelings (due to...

Some Thoughts on Our Reactions to This Pandemic

So here we are in the middle of the weirdest time that we are likely to experience during our lifetime. You can’t expect to respond normally – maybe you’ve lost sleep, or slept at odd times of day, you’ve been watching too much terrifying news, feeling anxious and...


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