Top 5 Tips to Reduce Stress and Increase Ease

Stress & Anxiety When we suffer anxiety or worried thoughts we are either thinking about something upsetting from the past  or projecting forward to something we don't want to happen in the future. Our brains, as amazingly powerful as they are....and they really...

Why I Love Money and Business Coaching – Rosemary Cunningham

Money and Business Coaching excites me as it takes sensitive women who are often really challenged to build a business to being self-assured, proud business owners running profitable happy businesses where they do not burn out trying to please everyone! My own...

The Whisper – how negativity creeps up on me

So subtle is it's whisper and so busy is my life that the delicate balance required to keep myself healthy and to keep myself sane can be knocked awry so easily. Before I even know it's happened the small little whispering voice of unreason is singing its quiet quiet...

resources for trauma: flashbacks

resources for trauma: flashbacks Dealing with Flashbacks: Tell yourself that you are having a flashback.   Remind yourself that the worst is over. The feelings and sensations you are experiencing are memories of the past.   Get Grounded. This means stamping...


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