Angela Davies ~ Mobile Holistic Therapist, based in Broadstairs, Kent

Angela Davies ~ Mobile Holistic Therapist, based in Broadstairs, Kent
Mobile Therapist
Kent CT10 1RX
Angela Davies
Mobile Therapist
CT10 1RX
Where did you train, and what qualifications did you receive:
ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology (Gateway Courses)

Cancer & Palliative Reflexology (Jubilee College)

Adapting Reflexology for Hospice & Cancer Care (The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Complementary Therapy Centre)

*Reflexology for Lymphatic Drainage (can also be used for auto-immune conditions) (Sally Kay BSc (Hons) Founder of RLD)

*Reflexology for Babies & Toddlers Certification to teach parents (Jenny Lee MCSP MAR Founder of Baby Reflex)

*Functional Reflex Therapy Lorraine Senior – B.Ed (Hons) MAR MFHT ICR (Founder of FRT)

Diploma in Natural Lift Facial Massage / Facial Rejuvenation (Gateway Workshops)

Diploma in Hand /Arm /Leg & Foot Massage (Gateway Workshops)

Indian Head Massage (College of Naturopathic Medicine)

Usui Reiki Level 2 (John McClean Reiki Master)

Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (Barnfield College)

Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (Richard Walker M.Sc DIC (Hons) SQHP & Registered Trainer of Hypnosis)

Details of further training & qualifications can be found on my website.

If you would like to know more please do send me a message.:
What Type Of Therapy Do You Practise:
Indian Head Massage,
Natural Lift Facial Massage / Facial Rejuvenation,
Adapted Reflexology for Cancer Care & Palliative Care,
Reflexology for Lymphatic Drainage (includes Reflexology for conditions affecting the auto-immune system),
Reflexology for Babies & Toddlers (workshops),
Functional Reflex Therapy, ( a treatment incorporating reflexology techniques; treatments & workshops for carers of people living with conditions such as autism, dementia, learning difficulties, & mental health problems).

Workshops can be delivered for individual carers who may be caring for a family member, & also for care professionals who work in the community or in residential settings.

I Specialise In:

I specialise in Reflexology, including the adapted / specialised forms as mentioned above – for palliative & cancer care, auto-immune conditions & dementia care. I offer an integrated approach to my therapeutic treatments, which means that my clients can choose which treatment they prefer at any time, according to need or preference.


  • Neuro-Diversity (Autism/ADHD/Tourette etc)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancers
  • Chronic Conditions

Reflexology excites me because it is such an amazing treatment to deliver, & the effects & benefits are always surprising for the person receiving the treatment. I love hearing people’s comments after their first treatment. They may not have known quite what to expect, but they are always surprised. Most clients fall into a deep sleep during the session – which makes me very happy indeed – serious relaxation!

Recent client kind words:

“I always look forward to my regular Reflexology sessions with Angela, although they are much more than Reflexology. Angela has helped & supported me through a difficult time in many different ways. After each Reflexology treatment, I feel like I’m floating & I always feel more like ‘myself.’ I can really notice the difference on the few occasions when I have needed to cancel an appointment. Even when I have felt very stressed, I have been surprised at how relaxed I have felt during & after the Reflexology sessions, both physically & mentally. I feel as though it’s undoing knots of tension, like in a full body massage, & I can really feel the energy from the treatment – like an electrical device being charged up, & seeing the indicator light up!”



How Exactly Does Your Therapy Work?:

The first session includes the completion of the consultation form. This enables me to learn more about the client & to offer an individually tailored treatment for their specific needs.
‘What happens’ depends upon the treatment chosen, but here I’ll talk about what happens during a Reflexology session. Information about the other treatment options is available on my website, but please feel free to phone me or e-mail me if you have any questions.

Reflexology is a therapeutic & relaxing treatment which can be applied to the hands & the feet. If we think of the hand & feet as being like ‘mini maps of the body,’ with points and zones across them which relate to the various systems & organs within the body – using my own hands to apply pressure to those points & zones, can be helpful in supporting function, balance & energy in those systems & organs.
All that the client needs to do is to sit back in my relaxing reclining chair, or on the treatment couch, while I deliver the techniques of the treatment to their hands or feet. Sometimes the client may notice areas on their feet or hands that are sensitive when touched during the treatment session, or I might notice something about an area that feels ‘different’ or ‘crunchy’ or ‘blocked.’ This can often relate to an imbalance in that particular area of the body. After the session, I discuss any such observations with the client, & offer suggestions on how to help with any problem that might be. The client may already be aware of something in their body that accounts for these observations, & for which they have consulted their GP, but for non-medical matters & where appropriate, I can also offer suggestions that may include some self-help techniques or simple changes to lifestyle / diet / help with sleep patterns etc.

What kinds of symptoms have people who seek your services usually presenting with:

The most common reason for people to phone me is because of stress or stress-related symptoms. Emotional stress can have an impact on the physical aspects of the body, & similarly, long-term physical pain can have an impact on emotional wellbeing. As a Holistic Therapist, I support the client as a whole, rather than focussing on one specific aspect or problem area.

Some of my clients are living with various medical conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, Fibromyalgia & others. They are referred to me by the Kent charity – The Harmony Therapy Trust – for complementary & supportive therapies such as Reflexology & Reiki.

How Often Might A Client Typically Need To See You:
Most clients choose to book a monthly treatment, but it can vary – some people choose to have a treatment either fortnightly or weekly – whatever works best for them at any given time.

What Is The Cost Of Your Sessions:
Each treatment costs £30. The fee for workshops varies according to numbers & situation – whether for individual family members or larger groups of care professionals.

What Are Your Typical Working Hours/Opening Times:
I generally provide treatments during the days from Monday to Friday, but from time to time people need an evening or Saturday morning appointment, which I can usually provide.

Are your sessions/ suitable for: Physically Disabled People/Wheelchair Users/Those with additional needs Adults Teens/Young Adults:
Sessions are suitable for:

Physically Disabled People/Wheelchair Users
Those with additional needs
Children (up to teenager)
Teens/Young Adults

When a client has completed all their therapy(s) with you, what do you hope to have changed for them, compared to when you first met them:
Some clients choose to have ongoing monthly treatments, as part of their own self-care routines. Others may choose a shorter period of treatments, depending upon their need & the reason for seeking treatment initially. When they have completed their chosen treatment period, I hope that they have learned something about self care – emotionally, mentally & physically –
& are able to put those into practice.

What worries might a client have before contacting you to book :
A client may generally have questions about which treatment is ‘the best’ for them, & so it’s important to discuss the reason for them wanting a treatment in the first place, as this can give some indication as to what the answer to the question might be. They might not know much about any of the treatments as it’s the first time they have looked into complementary / holistic therapies. I will tell them about each one that is relevant for them, & also send them one of my information leaflets & direct them to my website where they can read the information at their leisure, & they can of course phone me again if they have an subsequent questions.

How long have you been practising for:
I have been practising full time for 5 years. Prior to that I worked for 17 years within education & community settings, supporting children with additional needs & their families. During the last 5 -10 years of that time, I provided my therapeutic treatments at evenings & weekends.

What is the name of your professional association (if any):
*Complementary Therapists’ Association *General Hypnotherapy Register *British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy *Functional Reflex Therapy Network

What type of insurance do you have:
Professional Liabilities Insurance

What Areas (Geographically) Can You Accept Clients From:
My clients come from East Kent – Broadstairs, Ramsgate, Margate, Birchington, Eastry, Ash, Deal, Canterbury, Herne Bay & other geographical areas within the East Kent area.

Do you do online sessions:
Do you do telephone sessions:
Sorry, No
Is your therapy mobile (you travel to the client):

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