Grandmagroove with Michelle Gilbert, Faversham and Online

Grandmagroove with Michelle Gilbert, Faversham and Online
Faversham, Kent
Michelle Gilbert
Where did you train, and what qualifications did you receive:
I have been in the heart and wellness industry for over 30 years and have taught many types of classes.
I trained in Groove over 3 years ago and have updated my qualification 3x as well as trained in kids groove and groove fit.

What Type Of Therapy Do You Practise:
A dance movement that encompasses The mind body and spirit

I Specialise In:

I specialise in Movement. Relaxation. Breath Anatomy physiology.

My ideal client will want to move their body and feel good. They will want to be guided and listen to what’s being asked of them and to enjoy themselves in the process.

How Exactly Does Your Therapy Work?:

We move together in unity
But, the client dies it their way, I do it mine, all upbeat positive tracks, then we go into a personal song where they stretch, massage themselves, breath or enjoy the music

What kinds of symptoms have people who seek your services usually presenting with:

Anxiety, depression.
Addiction problems, socially awkward.
Many different ailments.
We work on empowering the client.

How might your therapy have helped them:
By allowing them to be authentically who they are.
Bringing them out of themselves, guiding and facilitating movements for them to “figure it out”

How Often Might A Client Typically Need To See You:
I would recommend 3x a week.

What Is The Cost Of Your Sessions:

What Are Your Typical Working Hours/Opening Times:

Are your sessions/ suitable for: Physically Disabled People/Wheelchair Users/Those with additional needs Adults Teens/Young Adults:
Suitable for:
Physically Disabled People/Wheelchair Users
Those with additional needs
Children (up to teenager)
Teens/Young Adults

When a client has completed all their therapy(s) with you, what do you hope to have changed for them, compared to when you first met them:
I will see a change in them physically mentally and hopefully spiritually.
They will be nurturing their bodies. Mind, body and spirit, being gentle with themselves and hopefully feeling better all-round.

What worries might a client have before contacting you to book :
They don’t wanna feel silly.
They might be shy.
They might have ailments or injuries.

We have done groove truth;

You can’t get it wrong.
No one cares what you look like.
You need to practice this.
You are unique and should look different
Your way is the right way.

How long have you been practising for:
In Groove 3years

What is the name of your professional association (if any):
Federation of Holistic Therapists

What type of insurance do you have:
Combined medical Malpractice and public and products liability for therapists

What Areas (Geographically) Can You Accept Clients From:
U.K., USA, Denmark, Sweden…. and various other countries.

Do you do online sessions:
Do you do telephone sessions:
Sorry, No
Is your therapy mobile (you travel to the client):

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