Kathie Nowicki, KN Mental Health Services, Utica, Macomb, MI

Kathie Nowicki, KN Mental Health Services, Utica, Macomb, MI
11111 Hall Road Suite 422
Utica, Macomb 48317
Kathie Nowicki
11111 Hall Road Suite 422
Where did you train, and what qualifications did you receive:
I received my Masters at Michigan State University with a certification in evidence-based trauma treatment. I am nationally certified in TF-CBT, and I am also a trained EMDR clinician working towards certification.
What Type Of Therapy Do You Practise:
I utilize EMDR, TF-CBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Problem Solving
I Specialise In:
I specialize in working with individuals who have experienced trauma.
I absolutely love working with all types of clients. However, I am very passionate about working with clients who have experienced early childhood traumas or recent traumas.
I utilize the ACES survey and enjoy providing my clients with information that helps them to understand why and how they have been affected by trauma.
How Exactly Does Your Therapy Work?:

The most important aspect of therapy is creating a therapeutic relationship so the client can begin to build trust. Treatment goals are created together so the client can have ownership over their progress. Therapy can progress as fast or slow as needed by the client.

What kinds of symptoms have people who seek your services usually presenting with:

I typically see clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and PTSD as a result of trauma, either early childhood trauma or recent trauma.

How might your therapy have helped them:
Clients report a decrease in their anxiety and depression symptoms as well as a decrease in panic attacks. Clients are then able to move forward with their lives.
How Often Might A Client Typically Need To See You:
At the beginning of the treatment, I prefer weekly appointments in order to build a relationship. Once the client is completing treatment goals, we can begin bi-weekly sessions if warranted.
What Is The Cost Of Your Sessions:
My rate is $120 for a 60-minute session. I also accept some insurances.
What Are Your Typical Working Hours/Opening Times:
Monday 12-5; Tuesday 2-8; Wednesday 10-2; Thursday 12-6
Are your sessions/ suitable for: Physically Disabled People/Wheelchair Users/Those with additional needs Adults Teens/Young Adults:
Suitable for:
Children (up to teenager)
Teens/Young Adults
When a client has completed all their therapy(s) with you, what do you hope to have changed for them, compared to when you first met them:
My wish for my clients is that they have a better understanding of how trauma has impacted their lives and we can help to decrease the guilt and shame associated with trauma.
What worries might a client have before contacting you to book :
It would be very normal for a client to have anxiety or worries about beginning therapy. One of my roles is to help them feel as comfortable as possible.
How long have you been practising for:
4 years
What is the name of your professional association (if any):
National Association of Social Workers
What type of insurance do you have:
As far as insurances I accept they are BCBS of Michigan, BCN, Medicare and Medicaid
What Areas (Geographically) Can You Accept Clients From:
Clients come from the tri-counties and the surrounding cities and townships.
Do you do online sessions:
Do you do telephone sessions:
Is your therapy mobile (you travel to the client):

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