Lorraine Barker, Change Hypnotherapy, Herne Bay, Kent

Lorraine  Barker, Change Hypnotherapy, Herne Bay, Kent
Herne Bay, Kent CT6 6RS
Lorraine Barker
Herne Bay
Where did you train, and what qualifications did you receive:
Diploma in Hypnotherapy – Life Clinic, Faversham
TFT (Tapping) – Life Clinic, Faversham
Past Life Regression – Lionheart Training

More Information:
Hypnotherapy excites me because Hypnotherapy and in particular Past Life Regression excites me because you get to the root of the client’s problem and with this therapy it and helps them to move forward with their life.

If you would like to know more please do send me a message.:
What Type Of Therapy Do You Practise:
TFT (Tapping)

I Specialise In:
I am passionate about Past Life Regression, I believe that issues and traumas from this life and past lives can cause issues in this life. Client’s do not need to believe in past lives they just need to come with an open mind.
Ideally, I can help anyone who wants to change an issue that is prohibiting them to live their life to the full.

I specialise in:

  • Relationships,
  • Eating Disorders,
  • Addictions,
  • Chronic Pain,
How Exactly Does Your Therapy Work?:

I gently take the client down into trance by relaxing them, once in a deep trance, I will speak to the client’s subconscious mind using an ideo-motor response (communicating through the client’s hand). The ideo-motor response will indicate whether the issue we are working with is in the life or a past live, I gently take them, guided by their sub-conscious to where the issue started. The client will speak in trance and tell me where they are and what they are experiencing, the issue is healed and the client is guided back to the here and now.

What kinds of symptoms have people who seek your services usually presenting with:

Anxiety & Stress,
Weight loss,
Night terrors,
Quit smoking,
Examination stress,

How might your therapy have helped them:
I have only been in practice for 6 months, in this time I have helped a clients to’
pass their driving test,
loose weight
stop smoking
helped with anxiety
stopped night terrors

How Often Might A Client Typically Need To See You:
Average is 3 sessions but will vary depending on what the client needs help with.

What Are Your Typical Working Hours/Opening Times:
Monday – Friday 9.30 – 7pm Saturday 10 – 1pm

Are your sessions/ suitable for: Physically Disabled People/Wheelchair Users/Those with additional needs Adults Teens/Young Adults:
Suitable for:
Teens/Young Adults

When a client has completed all their therapy(s) with you, what do you hope to have changed for them, compared to when you first met them:
I hope that they can live their life the way they want to live it and not be debilitated by their issue.

How long have you been practising for:
6 months

What is the name of your professional association (if any):
National Council of Hypnotherapy, NCH
What type of insurance do you have:
Public Liability with Holistic Insurance Services

What Areas (Geographically) Can You Accept Clients From:
Since Lockdown I have been working on-line and therefore it does not matter where they live.
Face-to-face sessions, Whitstable, Herne Bay & Faversham.

Do you do online sessions:
Do you do telephone sessions:
Sorry, No
Is your therapy mobile (you travel to the client):

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