I have been fascinated by crystals ever since I found a garnet in mica schist while climbing with my dad in Scotland aged 7. Since then I have been attracted to crystals of all shapes and sizes for their beauty and for the tingle they give my hands. What I didn’t know at the time was that “tingle” was me sensing the energy of the crystal. When I began working in the energy healing field, I eventually trained to become a crystal therapist. I started amassing a huge collection of crystals of all shapes and sizes. When we moved to Wadhurst, I had to give some of these away to new homes as I couldn’t bring them all, but I did keep the ones I really loved.

This large Smoky Quartz Elestial Sits in my garden and connects to the angelic realms. Because it is a smoky quartz, it also acts as an anchor to the earth.

At one point when I was going through the menopause, I had a large chunk of Rose Quartz under my bed. It helped me be more kind and loving to myself while my body was changing from Mother to Crone.

These spheres and egg shaped crystals are some of my favorites. They are lovely to look at and hold. I use them when I want to meditate on something and free my mind. Sometimes I use single crystals like an amethyst point or a specific quartz configuration. I can see rainbows and various things in them, but they are all beautiful in their own way.

Occasionally I use them to infuse water with their healing properties. (Note – not all crystals are safe to use this way as some can be poisonous.)

Sometimes I just carry them in my bag, pocket or around my neck. They are like old friends and the choices I make are intuitive. I may just feel called to a specific crystal for a time while I assimilate it’s energies.

So what can you do to bring crystals into your life?

Try crystal healing – it’s relaxing and fun. Contact me for treatments.

Buy a crystal that you feel drawn to and put it under your pillow at night.

Keep a crystal with you, in your bra if it’s polished – points are too prickly!

Come and learn a bit more about keeping, cleaning and charging crystals at a workshop. I am happy to run these on request. But the most important thing is to enjoy your crystals.


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