Caroline Armstrong: Counsellor, Supervisor, Mindfulness Teacher

Caroline Armstrong: Counsellor, Supervisor, Mindfulness Teacher
My Name: Caroline Armstrong
My Name: Caroline Armstrong
What Type Of Therapy Do You Practise: I’ve worked as a counsellor for almost 20 years, am fully accredited with the BACP and abide by their Ethical Framework. I tailor my approach according to you – the unique individual before me. This might mean calling on my holistic training or integrating other techniques such as CBT.
I Specialise In:

I have worked with a wide range of people, many of whom have been feeling very low when they first arrive. The causes of this have varied, from childhood neglect to ill-health, challenges at work to relationship difficulties. Sometimes I am helping people with things they can change like life direction and sometimes with their outlook on things that can’t. All that you need to bring is a willingness to try things out so they can be different.

I work with adults aged 18 years old and above. Some of my clients have been in their 70s and 80s. I have worked as a counsellor in Talking Therapies, Oncology/ Cancer care, staff support and student support.

How Exactly Does Your Therapy Work?:

You are unique, so together we will tailor our approach according to what’s most likely to be helpful to you. I have a lot of different skills and experiences to call on. This could include:

– Talking – Writing – Mindfulness – Diaries – Visualisation

What kinds of symptoms have people who seek your services usually presenting with:

Many of the people I see are initially quite depressed or anxious, often (but not always) in response to certain events. They may have had treatment for a serious illness, had difficult relationships, experienced a significant loss, or be struggling at work. However, quite a high number of people come because they lack self-esteem or confidence, and want that to change.

How might your therapy have helped them: A client once told me recently that if they’d known what a difference counselling could make, they would have come years ago! Others have described feeling as if a cloud has lifted, and feeling safe and happy in themselves – sometimes for the first time.
How Often Might A Client Typically Need To See You: Counselling works cumulatively, so I strongly recommend weekly attendance.
What Is The Cost Of Your Sessions: £50 per session
What Are Your Typical Working Hours/Opening Times: Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10 – 5 depending on availability. However, it is worth contacting me if daytime is not possible for you, as evening slots occasionally become available.
Are your sessions/ suitable for: Physically Disabled People/Wheelchair Users/Those with additional needs Adults Teens/Young Adults: Yes, Adults
When a client has completed all their therapy(s) with you, what do you hope to have changed for them, compared to when you first met them: What I hope for my clients is for them to have experienced the changes they wished for themselves. This may be increased self-confidence, finding healthier ways of handling anxiety and stress, making key changes in their lives, or simply feeling happier.
What worries might a client have before contacting you to book : People tell me they are often very nervous before their first visit, but that this changes once they’ve met me. Often they worry that they shouldn’t need help, and should somehow be able to ‘pull themselves together’. And sometimes they wait until they have almost hit rock bottom before reaching out. Yet screwing up the courage to come earlier often makes things a lot easier to work through. The fears, the nerves, the dark clouds – they don’t have to be there. So if you’d like things to change for the better, give me a call. Understanding what you are going through is more important than the tools we use.
Where did you train, and what qualifications did you recieve: Post Graduate Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling (The Psychosynthesis & Education Trust) – 2001

Accredited Member of the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (MBACP) since 2002

Diploma in Integrative Supervision within the Caring Professions (The Minster Centre) – 2006

Level 1 Training to Teach Mindfulness-based Courses (The Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice, Bangor University) – 2014
How long have you been practising for: I have been running my private counselling practice since 2000 and became a supervisor of other counsellors in 2006.
What is the name of your professional association (if any): BACP
What type of insurance do you have: Professional Civil Liability Insurance
What Areas (Geographically) Can You Accept Clients From: East Kent: Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone, Faversham, Sandwich, Deal, Ashford
Do you do online sessions: No
Do you do telephone sessions: No
Is your therapy mobile (you travel to the client): No

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