Our Therapists’ Promise..

For you peace of mind all our Therapists have to prove to us that they are qualified in their field, are insured to work in their field and, where appropriate, are members of a Professional Body.

We also ask them to adhere to The Therapists’ Network Promise:

The Therapists’ Network Member’s Promise


Complaints Procedure

If someone has therapy from you, as one of our Member therapists contacted through our website, and the client subsequently feels that this promise (see below) has not been met then please encourage your client to speak with you in the first instance to see if you can resolve the issue. If the client is not satisfied with the outcome of this conversation, then please ask them to contact [email protected]. TTN will then liaise between therapist/client to try to reach an amicable outcome.

NOTE: We would emphasise that TTN is not a professional association and therefore has no legal or other obligation to enforce any recommendation it makes to you the Member therapist in any such matter, however, we will attempt to conclude any dispute in good faith, and, will consider, if an amicable solution cannot be found, whether we continue to provide you the Member therapist with a profile on our website.

Therapist’s Promise to Practice Professionally (Ethical Code):

  1. I shall have respect for the religious, spiritual, political and social views of any individual irrespective of race, colour, creed, sexual orientation or gender.
  2. I shall conduct myself in an honourable and courteous manner and with due diligence in my relations with my clients and the public. I shall seek a good relationship and shall work in a co-operative manner with other healthcare professionals and recognise and respect their contribution within the healthcare team, irrespective of whether they perform from an allopathic or alternative/complementary practice.
  3. The relationship between myself and my client is that of a professional with a client. The client places trust in my care, skill and integrity and it is my duty to act diligently and not to abuse this trust in any way.
  4. I shall behave with courtesy, respect, dignity, discretion and tact and will conduct myself in a professional manner.
  5. In furtherance of item 4 above, I will not enter into a sexual relationship of any kind with a client and must be diligent in guarding against any act, suggestion or statement that may be interpreted, mistakenly or otherwise, as having a sexual implication.
  6. If I am working within hospitals, hospices and any other medical establishment I will comply with the protocols and guidelines in force at such establishments.
  7. I will never claim to ‘cure’ any ailment. The possible therapeutic benefits may be described; however, ‘recovery’ must never be guaranteed.
  8. I will ensure that I am medically, physically and psychologically fit to practise.
  9. I will not treat a client in any case which exceeds my capacity, training or competence. Where appropriate, I will seek to refer to a more qualified person.
  10. I am aware that a client, without previously consulting a doctor, may come for therapy for a known disorder and subsequently be found to be suffering from another serious disorder. To this end new patients/clients will be asked what medical advice they have received about any disorder. If they have not seen a doctor, they will be advised to do so. Since it is legal to refuse medical treatment, no client can be forced to consult a doctor. The advice will be recorded for my protection. It is not a breach of ethics to treat a client who gives informed consent to receive a therapy.
  11. I will not countermand instructions or prescriptions given by a doctor.
  12. I will not advise for or against a course of medical treatment, such as an operation, or to take or cease to take specific drugs. It will be left to the client to make her/his own decision in the light of medical advice.
  13. I will never give a medical diagnosis to a client in any circumstances, unless medically qualified to do so; this is the responsibility of a registered medical practitioner. I may, however, discover problems or issues or suspected dysfunctions in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of my client. In this case I may make mention of any disorder which I may discover and advise the client to see her/his doctor for a medical diagnosis and I will record this action on the client’s records.
  14. I will not use titles or descriptions to give the impression of medical or other qualifications unless I possess them, and I will make it clear to my clients that I am not a medical doctor and do not purport to have their knowledge or skills. I will have my qualifications and insurance certificate to hand to show clients should they wish to see them.
  15. I will not diagnose or perform tests on animals or give advice following diagnosis by a registered veterinary surgeon or to countermand her/his instructions. I will not treat animals in any way, unless authorised by the owner and also following the National Occupational Standards for animals for the therapy practiced.
  16. I will not attend women in childbirth or treat them for ten days thereafter unless I hold an appropriate qualification. This does not preclude treatment given with the permission of the client’s midwife, doctor or medical team.
  17. I will not practise dentistry unless I hold an appropriate qualification.
  18. I will not treat any venereal disease as defined in the 1917 Act.
  19. Clients suffering from AIDS may be treated at my discretion.
  20. I will not use manipulation or vigorous massage unless I possess an appropriate professional qualification.
  21. I will not prescribe or administer remedies, herbs, supplements, essential oils or other products unless my training and qualifications entitle me to do so.
  22. At present, no alternative or complementary therapy is approved as ‘medical aid’ under the law. It is a criminal offence for a parent or guardian not to seek ‘medical aid’ for a child under the age of 16. I will secure a signed statement from a parent or guardian who refuses to seek medical aid as defined under the law in the following format: “I have been warned by (enter name of member) that according to law I should consult a doctor concerning the health of my child (enter name of the child) Signed (signed by parent or guardian) Signed (by person witnessing the parent’s or guardian’s signature).
  23. Any advertising I do will be dignified in tone and shall not contain named (of the client) testimonials or claim to cure any disease etc. It shall be confined to drawing attention to the therapy available, my qualifications, and offer a general service together with necessary details.
  24. Before treatment I will explain fully either in writing or verbally all the procedures involved in the treatment including such matters as questionnaires, likely content and length of consultation, number of consultations, fees etc. Where a client has an existing medical condition, I will ensure that I have the client’s informed consent in writing to perform the treatment or that of the client’s medical practitioner.
  25. I will act with consideration concerning fees and justification for treatment. I will not be judgmental and will recognise the client’s right to refuse treatment or ignore advice. It is the client’s prerogative to make their own choices regarding their health, lifestyle and finances.
  26. I will ensure I keep clear and comprehensive records of clients’ treatments including the dates, advice given and all consent forms. This is especially important for the defence of any negligence actions for at least 7 years (or as advised by your insurance company), as well as for efficient and careful practice.
  27. I, and my assistants and receptionists, have an implicit duty to keep attendances, all information, records and views formed about clients entirely confidential. No disclosure may be made to any third party, including any member of the client’s own family, without the client’s consent unless it is required by due process of the law, whether that be by Statute, statutory instrument, order of any court of competent jurisdiction or howsoever otherwise.
  28. I confirm that I comply with the Data Protection Act.
  29. No third party, including assistants and members of the client’s family, may be present during a consultation with an adult without the client’s express consent, which should be recorded.
  30. I am adequately insured to practice. My policy covers public liability and indemnity as well as the provision for professional treatments. It is available to view if you wish.
  31. I will ensure that my working conditions are suitable for the practice of my therapy.