Person-centred therapy excites me because it works from the viewpoint that the wisdom each client seeks already lies within them, and I firmly believe in this philosophy.

I tell my clients that they are their own gurus. No one else can be an expert on their emotions, their life experiences.

The Person-centred approach encourages full responsibility of all aspects of our lives and requires active participation from both the client and the counsellor.

For me, it’s not about just listening to the client’s story (which they usually defend fearfully), but gently excavating the territory they find themselves but are not sure how to navigate. especially when life throws them a curve-ball.

We discover ‘gems’ they can use (usually from their own experiences) as anchors when they go through their process of change… when all the layers of their armour-plating are peeled away and they realise they truly begin to accept and trust themselves.

It’s wonderful to see the light bulbs come on in their world. The part I really love is trying to connect with that core part of their being that is fearless, and working at the client’s pace, we never know what’s going to surface.

We simply make space for whatever it is. Once that connection is made, we can really get creative, working on a deeper level.

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