Sophrology excites me because….

It is an empowering method, simple to learn, adapted and flexible to everyone. Sophrology is about freedom and non-judgement. It is about going back to our sensations and body awareness. It is about learning who we are, be more in tune with ourselves and with the world around us.

In Sophology, we work on the three-dimensionality of mind, emotions, body and past, present, future.

We learn to concentrate on positive elements inside us, on our positive inner resources in our present, future and past that enable us to strengthen and reinforce our self to discover our inner resources and reach our full inner potential.

Sophrology involves a process of self-discovery and integration.

Indeed, the practice of sophrological techniques are a great help to manage the symptoms in your everyday life to make life more enjoyable but also through Sophrology practice, you will start a journey of self-discovery where you will learn to be more in tune with yourself and the world around. You will learn to live in full consciousness and to understand and be fully aware of our Existential Values.

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Sophie Bruwer

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