I use psychotherapy, counselling, healing and Thought Field Therapy in combination and find that using the gentle energy practices combined with talking therapy provides a safe, holding environment for people to feel they can share their pain, concerns and worries.

It can take a while to build a trusting, therapeutic relationship and because I specialise in working with trauma, which creates a deep sense of lack of safety in people, working with safe practise and techniques, creating a safe, holding environment is so important.

I love that the environment I can provide (working from my home) and the energy created by the therapies I do; gives that sense of safety to most people I work with. I can remember, as a child, feeling that if I could just touch someone that they would understand so much more. Language is an imperfect medium of communication.

When I can also touch them, as I do with healing and Reiki, then the connection is deepened and the healing works on both the conscious (language) and unconscious (in the body) levels at the same time. For some, it can take a while before they can allow me to touch them literally. This depends on the type of trauma they have brought to therapy.

If they have experienced some kind of physical contact abuse, then touch for them may be too hard to bear. However, healing can be transmitted at a distance, via my voice, actions and intent and it is always included in my therapy sessions if the client is willing to accept it.

The greatest sense of excitement for me is seeing a client leaving me feeling empowered in their life, able to live the life they want, feeling freed from some of the pain of their past and therefore able to live a more fulfilling present. We can never forget what happened to us, but we can learn to live in the present without the past continually affecting our decisions, relationships and the way we love in a skewed way.

Good therapy frees us to be our true selves.

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