By, Linda Bishopp MA, Dip. Couns, Reg MBACP, MCThA, MTHF

I’m not ‘mad’ am I? I just feel a bit down some days and sometimes I can’t sleep for all those busy thoughts going around my head. But that’s no reason go and talk with someone – you have to be really ill don’t you to go that far?

There’s nothing wrong with seeking help

We, all of us, have times in our life when we are down, or overwhelmed, overly anxious, scared, lonely, bereaved or more. So, talk with someone about it. Why is it weak or shameful to talk about how you feel? This stigma is often why people don’t talk, or seek help.

Learn how to use a therapist

For those times when you don’t want to burden your family or friends – but do need to talk to someone find out how a therapist can support you. Find one who seems to resonate with you and learn how to access their skill and compassion to support you in dealing with life’s difficulties differently.

Talking it through can help us change our perspective on our situation, acknowledge fully how we feel, and release the tension of it – why would you not see a therapist?

Psychotherapy provides a safe, confidential environment where you can comfortably explore your life and your self in a way you are unlikely to be able to in your normal life.

It is only by talking it through and feeling deeply heard that we can come to a deepening understanding of our self; then we can change behaviour patterns and develop new skills and strategies to deal with stressors and challenges.

You are not alone

If your difficulty is understood and shared with someone you trust you feel less alone. Building that trust with a therapist gives you a confidential and safe home for your deepest thoughts and fears. Why would you not create that in your life? Therapy is a normal experience that can give peace and benefit to so many.


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